Welcome to Damien’s Best Dog Toys!

Here at Damien’s Best Dog Toys our primary mission is to support animal welfare organizations and humane societies by donating dog and cat toys. 

As of December 2015 we have donated 576 dog toys and 8613 cat toys.

Our dog toys are made from 100% cotton rope and handcrafted in Hardwick, Vermont. These rugged toys use traditional knot tying techniques to add a special element to the standard rope toy. All toys are named after dogs that have been a part of our life. Damien, the company patriarch, is the oldest dog in our pack and was adopted from North Country Animal League in Morrisville, VT in 1999. At Damien’s Best Dog Toys we believe that every dog deserves some play in their day.

Purchasing a handmade rope toy from Damien’s Best Dog Toys is just one way that you can support our mission to donate dog and cat toys to animal welfare organizations. To see some of the other ways you can help visit our “About” page.

Visit our Etsy.com store to purchase a toy for your dog or cat.

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At Damien’s Best Dog Toys we believe that every dog (and cat) deserves some play in their day!