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Here at Damien’s Best Dog Toys our primary mission is to support animal welfare organizations and humane societies by donating dog and cat toys.

As of March 2014 we have donated 373 dog toys and 5337 cat toys.

Our Story

It all started back in November of 2012, when Sallie and I began talking about ways to help humane societies.  We were both aware that many animal shelters depend on donations from the public in order to provide day to day services such as food and vet care, and often enrichment items such as toys for the animals are overlooked.  Knowing that enrichment activities and toys are important for the maintaining the health of animals staying in shelters, we decided to make dog and cat toys and donate them as a way to help out. By the beginning of December 2012, Damien’s Best Dog Toys was born and the first batch of 10 toys was donated to North Country Animal League in Morrisville, VT.

Since that time we have donated hundreds of dog and cat toys.  Each toys is had made in our home in Hardwick, Vermont.  The dog toys are made by using traditional knot tying techniques and cotton rope to produce rugged and colorful toys.  The cat toys are made of small pieces of fleece wrapped around a tablespoon of catnip and then tied.

We are extremely proud of our products and equally proud of our mission to help the animal rescue community with toy donations.  We would be excited to have you join us in our work.

How You Can Help. 

There are a several ways that you can help us in our mission to donate dog and cat toys to animal welfare organizations.

1)      Buy a toy for our store for your dog

Visit our store and purchase a toy for your dog.  When you purchase a handmade toy from Damien’s Best Dog Toys you are supporting our mission to donate dog and cat toys to animal welfare organizations.  The more toys we sell the more toys we can donate because we reinvest the money into more raw materials.

2)      Buy a toy to donate to your favorite animal welfare organization.

This process is the same as above.  Visit our store, pick the type of toys you want us to donate, send me message about purchase and the animal welfare organization that you want to donate, and we will get them there.  Each toy will arrive at its destination with a note indicating that name of the individual who purchased the toys for donation.

3)      Contribute money to help buy raw material.

Perhaps the best way that you can help us with our mission is to help us purchase raw material or cover shipping and packing cost.  You can contribute to our mission by clicking the PayPal Donate button.

Here is what you cash contribution can cover:
$3.00 = 5 cat toys
$5.00 = 4 tennis balls
$10.00 = 1 completed dog toy
$50.00 = Dog and Cat toy donation package that includes 4 dog toys and 25 cat toys
$100.00 = Dog and Cat toy donation package that includes 10 dog toys and 75 cat toys
$250.00 = 1 spool of 640 feet of cotton rope. This is enough rope to make 64 Ava style toys or 100 Damien Tug with Friends toy.

4)      NEW!!  Contribute to our blog

Quality blog content is also important for us at Damien’s Best Dog Toys and we want to provide a platform for you to share the great work that they are doing in the name of animal welfare.  As a result, we have started “7 Questions” blog series. When you participate in our “7 Questions” blog series you not only get an opportunity to promote the work you do, but we will also donate 3 dog toys to your favorite animal welfare organization.  Visit our “7 Questions” page to learn more.


Some of the organizations that we have worked with.

Below is a list of some of the organizations that we have worked with since we started in December 2012:

North Country Animal League, Morrisville, VT
Bloomington Animal Care and Control, Bloomington, IN
Brown County Humane Society, Nashville, IN
CanINE Express Transport Project, IN
Clay County Humane Society, Brazil, IN
Humane Society of Clinton County, IN
Red Sky Rescue, Medora, IN
Owen County Humane, Spencer, IN
Furry Friends Pet Rescue, Hopewell Junction, NY
Friends of Attleboro Shelter, Attleboro, MA
Homeward Bound, Addison County, VT
Save a Gato, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Adopt-A-Dog, Armonk, NY

Our friends at Brown County Humane Society sent us this great YouTube video

Here are some pictures we taken in the last 12 months along with some photos that others have shared with us.

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At Damien’s Best Dog Toys we believe that every dog deserves some play in their day.

Thanks for your support

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  1. Oh, these look fabulous!!

  2. Very cool! Found you on the forum. Impressed that you make these rope toys!

  3. dianeholland says:

    Oh wow! My pups would love these! They would really enjoy their tug-o-war games!

    • Mark at DBDT says:

      Tug-o-war is a favorite at our house too! We can’t wait for spring so we can get outside and play some games of tug and chase in the grassy fields instead of the deep snow. Thanks for stopping.

  4. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Those look like some really cool toys!

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